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Innovation application: Ceramic filter with catalytic coating

Title Ceramic filter with catalytic coating

The technology obtaining of ceramic filter with catalytic coating was developed. Composite material is provided for the purification of polluted with organic substances water during filtration process. Carrier of filter contains chemically and thermally stable oxides. Through going pores were formed during formation process of material due to elimination of hydrogen as a result of chemical reaction. Catalytic coatings contain oxides of transition metals such as Fe2O3, Co2O3, Mn2O3, Cu2O in form of nanosized particles or agregates. Composite material is usable for filtration of hot liquids.

Keywords porous ceramic, filtering, heating, nanoparticles, oxides of transition metals
Authors Vera Serga
Ruta Švinka
Visvaldis Švinka
Andris Cimmers
Department (14100) Silikātu materiālu institūts
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
Description of the technology

Technology of development of ceramic filter with catalytic coating occurs in two separate steps: 1. obtaining of porous ceramic matrix; 2. Obtaining of the catalytic coating on the matrix. 1.Concentrated suspension of micrometers sized oxides was used for the obtaining of porous ceramic matrix. Through going pore structure of sintered ceramic was provided in the result of elimination of hydrogen during chemical reaction. Sintering process was carried out after solidification and drying green product. 2.Inorganic salts of transition metal and organic acid  were used as raw materials for the obtaining of coated ceramic by extraction-pyrolisis methode.  Nanosized particles of transition metal oxides were formed on the material surface and walls of pores.

Applications Technology of composite material can be used for the simultaneous filtration of with organic substances polluted water and decomposition of organic substances.

Main advantages:

  • Simultaneous filtration and decomposition of organic pollutants;
  • Possible purification of hot liquiods;
  • Possibility partially or fully replase noble metals with transition metal oxide nanoparticles in the catalytic heterogeneous processes.
Technology Readiness Level Experimental proof of concept
Partnership offer The licensing agreement. Consulting agreement at the beginning of production of composite catalytic material and improving properties of produced material
Patent number
  • Patenta pieteikums P-19-72
ID 171
Contact information Linda Šufriča, e-mail: inovacijas@rtu.lv; phone.: 28442736