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Innovation application: Measurement of Effective Area of Optical Fibers with Transverse Shift Method

Title Measurement of Effective Area of Optical Fibers with Transverse Shift Method

Present invention relates to the field of telecommunications, particularly to optical wavelength division multiplexing transmission systems, where rare earth doped-fiber optical amplifiers are used. An aim of this invention is to get practically useable effective area value for various rare-earth doped optical fibers by applying the transverse-shift measurement method with a micropositioner.

Keywords fiber effective area, wavelength division multiplexing, transverse - shift measurement, optical amplifiers
Authors Jurģis Poriņš
Andis Supe
Ingrīda Lavrinoviča
Department (13100) Telekomunikāciju institūts
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Telecommunications
Description of the technology

The transverse-shift measurement technique is based on transfer of optical power from the source mode into the same mode of an identical fiber when their axes are parallel but laterally offset from each other.

Applications Measured effective values are directly usable for an estimation of doped optical fiber parameters, which play a key role in development of optimized optical amplifier.

The transverse-shift measurement method has high precision and quite simple realization in comparison with interferometric optical fiber effective area measurement method.

Technology Readiness Level System complete and qualified
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Patent number
  • P-16-103
ID 48
Contact information Linda Šufriča, e-mail: inovacijas@rtu.lv; phone.: 28442736