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Innovation application: Determination of Oxidation Induction Time for Polymer Materials

Title Determination of Oxidation Induction Time for Polymer Materials

Determination of oxidation induction time of polymer materials according to testing method of differential scanning calorimeter as well as international standards:

  • EN 728, Plastics piping and ducting systems. Polyolefin pipes and fittings. Determination of oxidation induction time;
  • EN ISO 11357-6, Plastics. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Part 6: Determination of oxidation induction time (isothermal OIT) and oxidation induction temperature (dynamic OIT).
Keywords Oxidation induction time, polymer materials, quality control.
Authors Jānis Zicāns
Tatjana Ivanova
Remo Merijs-Meri
Ivans Bočkovs
Ruta Saldābola
Arita Mičule
Department (14200) Polimērmateriālu institūts
(14212) Polimēru materiālu tehnoloģijas katedra
(04052) Polimēru pārbaužu laboratorija
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis
Scientific research and development
Other professional, scientific and technical activities
Description of the technology

We offer determination of oxidation induction time of polymer materials at following conditions: maximum testing temperature - 450oC; temperature accuracy - +/-0,2oC.

Fig. 1. Furnace of differential scanning calorimeter Mettler Toledo DSC 1/200W.

Applications Method is envisaged for evaluation of performance of novel polymer compositions as well as for quality control of commercially available polymer materials and products thereof, int. al. plastics piping and ducting systems. Method is suitable for analysis of both primary and secondary polymer materials and it composites.

Laboratory of Polymer Testing is accredited to LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025 international standard that confirms ability of the laboratory to produce precise and accurate test data.

Technology Readiness Level Actual system proven in operational environment
Partnership offer Service contracts.
ID 55
Contact information Linda Šufriča, e-mail: inovacijas@rtu.lv; phone.: 28442736