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Patent number Date of publication (B) Title Authors Type
1. LV15455B 20.01.2021. The fastening construction for windows in the aperture of heat insulated external wall and it's assembling method Latvian
2. LV15496B 20.12.2020. Fog unit Latvian
3. LV15515B 20.12.2020. Biodiesel fuel and a process for making thereof Latvian
4. LV15492B 20.10.2020. Deposition method of a thin multilayer dielectric Latvian
5. LV15475B 20.08.2020. Prefabricated vault construction and its installation process Latvian
6. LV15410B 20.07.2020. Coagulation-flocutation method for the separation of biomass containing lignin and hemicelluloses from the wastewater of wood processing enterprises Latvian
7. LV15474B 20.07.2020. Method for producing single cell oil from biodegradable by-products Latvian
8. LV15462B 20.06.2020. Method for application of substituted 5-methylidene-1,3-dioxane-4,6-diones as synthetic equivalents of aldehydes Latvian
9. LV15390B 20.05.2020. Construction of hollow metal minispheres and production method thereof Latvian
10. LV15433B 20.02.2020. Method and device for impregnating porous products with nanoparticles Latvian