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Publikācija: Anisotropy of Holograms in Molecular Azochromophore Films

Publication Type Conference paper
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Anisotropy of Holograms in Molecular Azochromophore Films
Field of research 1. Natural sciences
Sub-field of research 1.3 Physical sciences
Authors Andris Ozols
Valdis Kokars
Pēteris Augustovs
Kaspars Traskovskis
Keywords Holography, light polarization, photoinduced anisotropy, molecular azochromophore films
Abstract Elementary holograms-holographic gratings (HG) in molecular glassy azochromophore films synthesized in RTU exhibit a strong recording light polarization dependence as revealed by our experiments described in this paper. This means that photoinduced anisotropy (PA) takes place in these films. Direct PA measurements by a novel holographic method have been performed and photoinduced birefringence is measured. Molecular azochromophore films with strong PA can be used for production of polarization holographic optical elements and for optical information recording with polarization multiplexing.
Reference Ozols, A., Kokars, V., Augustovs, P., Traskovskis, K. Anisotropy of Holograms in Molecular Azochromophore Films. In: Abstracts of the Riga Technical University 53rd International Scientific Conference: Dedicated to the 150th Anniversary and the 1st Congress of World Engineers and Riga Polytechnical Institute / RTU Alumni: Section: Material Science and Applied Chemistry, Latvia, Rīga, 11-12 October, 2012. Riga: RTU Publishing House, 2012, pp.34-34. ISBN 978-9934-10-357-5.
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