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Publikācija: Catalytic Etherification of Glycerol with Alcohols

Publication Type Publications in RTU scientific journal
Funding for basic activity Unknown
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Catalytic Etherification of Glycerol with Alcohols
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.4 Chemical engineering
Authors Modris Jānis Roze
Valdis Kampars
Kristīne Teivena
Rūta Kampare
Edvards Liepiņš
Keywords glycerol, isopropyl glycerol ether, tert-butyl glycerol ether, heterogeneous catalyst, etherification
Abstract Glycerol ethers could be the good fuel additives. In recent years, the etherification of glycerol has been widely investigated. We tried to perform the synthesis of glycerol ethers using different alcohols – ethanol, isopropanol, tert-butanol. Amberlyst-15, Amberlyst-36, Montmorillonite K 10, β-zeolite were used as catalysts. The etherification reaction between glycerol and alcohols was carried out under atmospheric pressure, by operating at different temperatures ranging from 60 °C to boiling temperatures, at different reaction times and at both different catalyst/glycerol and alcohol/glycerol rates. We also tried to perform this reaction using ultrasonic and microwave conditions. The best results were achieved, when toluene as a solvent and Amberlyst-36 as a catalyst were used.
DOI: 10.7250/msac.2013.011
Reference Roze, M., Kampars, V., Teivena, K., Kampare, R., Liepiņš, E. Catalytic Etherification of Glycerol with Alcohols. Materials Sciences and Applied Chemistry. Vol.28, 2013, pp.67-72. ISSN 1407-7353. e-ISSN 2255-8713. Available from: doi:10.7250/msac.2013.011
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