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Publikācija: Composite Load–Bearing Element Based on the Perforated Steel Wastes

Publication Type Full-text conference paper published in other conference proceedings
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Composite Load–Bearing Element Based on the Perforated Steel Wastes
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.1. Construction and transportation engineering
Authors Mihails Lisicins
Vjačeslavs Lapkovskis
Viktors Mironovs
Dmitrijs Serdjuks
Keywords composite, load-bearing element, perforated steel band, industrial wastes, polymer matrix
Abstract A question of industrial wastes application is of high importance at the present moment. Repeated using of industrial wastes or recycling is a possible way to increase the effectiveness of structural materials application. In this caseperforated steel tape is considered as a raw material for producing of load-bearing units. A composite materials based on polymer matrix combined with perforated steel material is proposed. Example of load-bearing element based on perforated steel band reinforced polymer (PSBRP) composite is proposed. A manufacturing approach for PSBRP production is outlined.
Hyperlink: http://ktu.edu/saf/sites/ktu.edu.saf/files/kiti/konferencija/advanced_construction_proceedings_a4_2014_09_24-2.pdf 
Reference Lisicins, M., Lapkovskis, V., Mironovs, V., Serdjuks, D. Composite Load–Bearing Element Based on the Perforated Steel Wastes. In: Proceedings of 4th International Conference "Advanced Construction 2014", Lithuania, Kaunas, 9-10 October, 2014. Kaunas: Kaunas University of Technology, 2014, pp.158-163. ISSN 2029-1213.
ID 18842