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Publikācija: Collaborative Human-Like Multi Agent Systems: an Overview

Publication Type Full-text conference paper published in conference proceedings indexed in SCOPUS or WOS database
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Collaborative Human-Like Multi Agent Systems: an Overview
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.2 Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Information and communication engineering
Authors Māra Pudāne
Egons Lavendelis
Keywords Affective multi-agent systems, affective computing, collaboration, emotion modeling, emotional intelligence
Abstract Currently the affective intelligent systems have been researched for various purposes such as development of human-like societies, team training environments with simulated teammates and believable virtual environments. However, the affective multi-agent systems could be used in different, more advanced scenarios such as simulating emotionally intelligent community. For this reason advanced interaction mechanisms and affective agent architectures are needed. The paper reviews current state of the art in affective multi-agent systems by focusing on two issues: agent architecture needed for multi-agent system and interaction among affective intelligent units.
Hyperlink: http://www.iadisportal.org/digital-library/collaborative-human-like-multi-agent-systems-an-overview 
Reference Pudāne, M., Lavendelis, E. Collaborative Human-Like Multi Agent Systems: an Overview. In: European Conference on Data Mining 2015 and International Conferences on Intelligent Systems and Agents 2015 and Theory and Practice in Modern Computing 2015 : Part of the Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 2015, Spain, Las Palmas, 22-24 July, 2015. Lissabon: IADIS Press, 2015, pp.211-215. ISBN 978-989-8533-39-5.
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