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Publikācija: Wood Ashes as a Binder Component

Publication Type Conference paper
Funding for basic activity Intellectual property
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Wood Ashes as a Binder Component
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.4 Chemical engineering
Authors Inna Juhņeviča
Janīna Sētiņa
Aiga-Anna Pudule
Vineta Vaišļa
Liene Gulbe
Keywords replacement for Portland cement, compressive strength, wood ashes
Abstract In this paper, an attempt is made to combine the information in the scientific literature with the practical experience of using ashes in dry mixes based on cement and limestone. the subjects of consideration are calcium oxide ashes, obtained in traditional furnaces of cogeneration plants when burning wood or oil shale.
Reference Juhņeviča, I., Sētiņa, J., Pudule, A., Vaišļa, V., Gulbe, L. Wood Ashes as a Binder Component. In: BaltSilica 2018: Book of Abstracts of the 8th International Conference on Silicate Materials, Latvia, Riga, 30 May-1 Jun., 2018. Riga: RTU Publishing House, 2018, pp.37-37. ISSN 2243-6057.
ID 27825