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Publikācija: Characterization of Bitumen Mastics Properties

Publication Type Conference paper
Funding for basic activity Research project
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Characterization of Bitumen Mastics Properties
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.5 Materials engineering
Research platform Materials, Processes, and Technologies
Authors Agnese Ābele
Remo Merijs-Meri
Rita Bērziņa
Jānis Zicāns
Viktors Haritonovs
Keywords -
Abstract The asphalt pavement has been exposed to environmental factors and high loads that leads to deformation and decline durability of asphalt pavement. Despite the fact that binder comprises only approximately 5% to form asphalt pavement, it play an important role in asphalt pavement service life [1]. Firstly, bitumen chemical content - saturates (S), aromatics (A), resins (R) and apshalthenes (A) – depend on crude oil and manufacturing process. In result it determines whether bitumen can be useful for road pavement, because SARA fractions provide adhesion, viscosity and stiffness [2]. Secondly, in exploitation time deterioration of properties of binder can be observed over time by environmental factors. Bitumen become more polar, stiffer and changes rheological behavior [3]. To prolong binder service life, as well as maximally to increase re-use of secondary resources, scientists perform binder modification. Modification can be realized in several ways. Thus one can modify bitumen with thermoplastic polymer (i.e. polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene vinyl acetate, styrene-butadiene rubber, styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene [4]) or filler (i.e. fly ash, stone dust, cement) [5]. In this current work we investigated several industrial by-products (red mud, by-pass dust and fly ash) influence on elastomer modified bituminous material rheological and structural parameters.
Reference Ābele, A., Merijs-Meri, R., Bērziņa, R., Zicāns, J., Haritonovs, V. Characterization of Bitumen Mastics Properties. In: Baltic Polymers Symposium 2019: Programme and Proceedings, Lithuania, Viļņa, 18-20 September, 2019. Vilnius: 2019, pp.64-64.
ID 29521