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Publikācija: Addressing Complexity of Contexts of IT Solutions for Older Adults

Publication Type Full-text conference paper published in conference proceedings indexed in SCOPUS or WOS database
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Title in original language Addressing Complexity of Contexts of IT Solutions for Older Adults
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.2 Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Information and communication engineering
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Authors Mārīte Kirikova
Ella Kolkowska
Piotr Soja
Ewa Soja
Agneta Muceniece
Keywords Older adults, Context factors, IT solutions for older adults, Socio-cyber-physical systems, Enterprise Architecture, ArchiMate
Abstract In the last decades a large number and variety of prototyped and commercial IT solutions have been dedicated to older adults with the purpose to make their activities as meaningful and diverse as possible; and to establish the environment around them as comfortable as possible. However, in most cases the requirements for the tools are derived from user surveys or are just a result of some innovative ideas of researchers and practitioners. This might be one of the reasons why the spectrum of possible IT solutions is much larger than the spectrum of actually used solutions. In this paper we propose to view IT solutions that are developed for older adults in the context, which is represented as a socio-cyber-physical system. Enterprise modeling is proposed as a means for context representation and analysis.
Hyperlink: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2443/paper05.pdf 
Reference Kirikova, M., Kolkowska, E., Soja, P., Soja, E., Muceniece, A. Addressing Complexity of Contexts of IT Solutions for Older Adults. In: BIR-WS 2019 : BIR 2019 Workshops and Doctoral Consortium : Joint Proceedings of the BIR 2019 Workshops and Doctoral Consortium co-located with 18th International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research (BIR 2019), Poland, Katowice, 23-25 September, 2019. Aachen: RWTH, 2019, pp.51-61. ISSN 1613-0073.
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