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Publikācija: Sorbent for Lysozyme Based on Acrolein Copolymer

Publication Type Scientific article indexed in ERIH database, in INT1 or INT2 category journals
Funding for basic activity Unknown
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Sorbent for Lysozyme Based on Acrolein Copolymer
Field of research 1. Natural sciences
Sub-field of research 1.4 Chemical sciences
Authors Valentīna Krilova
Jānis Ģībietis
Keywords Ion-exchange resin, acrolein, sorption, lysozyme
Abstract Ion exchange resin with bis(carboxymethyl) amino groups synthesized on the base of acrolein copolymer is found to be effective sorbent of lysozyme and does not absorb bovine serum albumine. Sorption of lysozyme is characterized by high values of distribution coefficients increasing with equilibrium concentration decrease, the sorption being performed from the solutions with 0.15 M salt concentration at pH value about 7. Lysozyme can be desorbed quantitatively from the resin by buffered weak acidic solution, completely remaining enzymatic activity.
Reference Krilova, V., Ģībietis, J. Sorbent for Lysozyme Based on Acrolein Copolymer. Latvijas Ķīmijas žurnāls, 2004, Nr.4, pp.385-389. ISSN 0868-8249.
ID 5073