RTU Research Information System
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1 A PLL Scheme for Synchronization with Grid Voltage Phasor in Active Power Filter Systems Oskars Krievs, Ingars Steiks, Leonīds Ribickis
2 Active Rectifier for Uninterruptable Power Supply Andrejs Stepanovs, Valdis Bogdāns, Pāvels Suskis, Iļja Galkins
3 Algorithm for Public Electric Transport Schedule Control for Intelligent Embedded Devices Ivars Alps, Andrejs Potapovs, Mihails Gorobecs, Anatolijs Ļevčenkovs
4 Analysis of a Permanent - Magnet Brushless DC Motor with Fixed Dimensions Uldis Brakanskis, Jānis Dirba, Ludmila Kukjane, Viesturs Drava
5 Analysis of Household Electricity Consumption Patterns and Economy of Water Heating Shifting and Saving Bulbs Argo Rosin, Taavo Moller, Madis Lehtla, Hardi Hoimoja
6 Application of Astatic State Observers in Electromechanotronic Modules Nikolay Gnezdov, Aleksey Kolganov, Sergey Lebedev
7 Application of Integrated Hardware and Software System “PRIZNAK-10M” for Measuring Power-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields in Electric Networks Victor G. Kurbatsky
8 Approach to Stochastic Modeling of Power Systems Alexander Rubtsov
9 Control System for a Diesel Generator and UPS Based Microgrid Andriy Palamar, Elmo Pettai, viktor Beldjajev
10 Correlation Analysis between Grounding Resistance and Diurnal Variations of Upper Soil Resistivity during March 2010 in Balozhi, Latvia Marina Kižlo, Arvīds Kanbergs, Mihails Kižlo
11 Current-Fed Step-up DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Applications with Active Overvoltage Clamping Aleksandrs Andreičiks, Ingars Steiks, Oskars Krievs
12 Customer Dissatisfaction Index and Its Improvement Costs Aleksandrs Ļvovs, Anna Mutule
13 Determination of Equilibrium Points for Steady State Conservative Models Tatiana Panikovskaya
14 Electrical Measuring Techniques – Expectations for Increasing Accuracy Imants Matīss, Andris Purviņš
15 Experimental Research of the Overvoltage in the Insulated Neutral Network Vitalijus Gvozdas, Povilas Valatka
16 Load Determination and Selection of Transformer Substations’ Optimal Power for Tasks of Urban Networks’ Development Svetlana Guseva, Oļegs Borščevskis, Nataļja Skobeļeva, Ļubova Kozireva
17 Mathematical Modelling of Induction Motor Transient Processes during Stator Winding Interruption Marina Koņuhova, Guntis Orlovskis, Kārlis Ketners
18 Matrix Converter Bi-directional Switch Power Loss and Cooling Condition Estimation for Integrated Drives Alvis Sokolovs, Iļja Galkins
19 Measuring Specificities of Dissipation Factor of Electrical Equipment in Substations Gerards Gavrilovs, Sandra Vītoliņa
20 Modeling Wind Turbines in the Simulation of Power System Dynamics Istvan Erlich, Fekadu Shewarega, Oliver Scheufeld
21 Modernisation Issues of Diesel-Electric Shunting Locomotive Power Units Hardi Hoimoja, Tanel Jalakas, Argo Rosin
22 Practical Design Guidelines of qZSI Based Step-Up DC/DC Converter Jānis Zaķis, Dmitri Vinnikov, Indrek Roasto, Tanel Jalakas
23 Searching the Damaged Outgoing Feeder in Networks with Insulated Neutral by Phase-to-ground Fault Vitaly Sivokobylenko, Dmitriy Kuzmenko
24 Studies of New Multistory House Electrical Supply Load and Determination Methods Update Martins Budahs, Edvīns Vanzovičs, Mareks Zviedritis
25 Switch-Off Behaviour of 6.5 kV IGBT Modules in Two-Level Voltage Source Inverter Andrei Blinov, Tanel Jalakas, Dmitri Vinnikov, Kuno Janson
26 Synchronous Study of Ferroresonance and Inrush Current Phenomena and their Related Reasons in Ground Power Networks Amin Akrami, Mohammad Ali Ghaderi, Saeed Rostami Ghadi
27 Testing Results of Multipolar Double Fed Induction Generator Guntis Diļevs, Edgars Jākobsons, Guntis Orlovskis
28 The Handle of Substation Remote Terminal Unit Configuration Igor Dmitrenko, Juhan Laugis
29 The Single-Phase AC Regulator on Base of Bidirectional IGBT Switches Vladimirs Cīmanis, Vladimirs Hramcovs, Ivars Raņķis
30 Troubleshooting of Matrix Frequency Converter Conducted and Radiated Emissions Gundars Ašmanis, Leonīds Ribickis, Vladimirs Novikovs
31 Use of Pareto Principle in Power System Mode Analysis Anatolijs Mahņitko, Aleksandrs Gavrilovs
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