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1 Actuarial Models for Defined Contribution Pension Plan Edgars Bremze, Andrejs Matvejevs
2 Application of Genetic Algorithms to Classifier Ensemble Construction Jurijs Korņijenko
3 Concepts Generalization Algorithm FLORA2 in Changing Environment in Robot Control Task Ēriks Tipāns
4 Design Considerations of the Granular-Evidence-Based Adaptive Network ANGIE Aleksandrs Vališevskis, Arkādijs Borisovs
5 Developing a 3D Graphical User Interface for Object-Oriented Simulation Arnis Lektauers
6 Development of a Simulation Tool for Selection of Inventory Control Policy Jūlija Petuhova, Jurijs Merkurjevs, Jānis Indāns
7 Development of the Optimal Travel Choice Decison Making Support System Model Andrejs Romānovs
8 Efficiency Analysis of On-line Classification Rule Construction Methods Sigita Misiņa, Ludmila Aleksejeva
9 GARCH Modeling of the Time Varying Term Premium of the Latvian Interest Rates Jeļena Zubkova, Ģirts Strautnieks
10 Inductive Learning Algorithms from the Perspective of Autonomous Intelligent Systems Agris Ņikitenko
11 Investigation of the Crossover Operators in Genetic Algorithm Irina Lovtsova, Arita Takahaši
12 Methods and Algorithms of Fuzzy Decision Trees Restructuring Gulnara Bikeševa, Arkādijs Borisovs
13 Optimal Funding Strategy with the Stochastic Investment Model for Defined Benefit Pension Plan Nataļja Kuļikova, Andrejs Matvejevs
14 Search for Profitable Investment Rules Using Evolutionary Computations and Technical Analysis Andrejs Kapišņikovs
15 Self-Organizing in Neural Networks based on Memorizing Artūrs Pčelkins
16 Software Agents Modelling for Power Energy Company Nadežda Kuņicina
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