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1 Approach for Wireless Resources Access Control Using User Localization Dmitrijs Bļizņuks, Valerijs Zagurskis
2 Interpolation of Free-Form Surfaces and Visualization by Standard Tools of Computer Graphics Aleksandrs Glazs, Aleksandrs Sisojevs
3 Comparison of Network Delay Prediction Methods in the Real-Time Mode Renads Safins
4 Applications of Multi-Agent Systems in the Middleware of Computer Networks Andrejs Ermuiža, Jevgenijs Iščenko
5 Real Time Transmission of Electrocardiogram Using Mobile Phone Gunārs Balodis, Juris Lauznis, Zigurds Markovičs
6 Monitoring Problems of E-Services Systems Gints Stočka, Māris Ziema
7 Design of Web Services Using Graf Transformation and Optimization Edžus Žeiris, Māris Ziema
8 Selection Of Web Services Using Industry Standards UML And XMI Peteris Stipravietis, Māris Ziema
9 Information Technologies of Parallel Algorithms of Identification and Imitation Modelling on the Basis of Symbolical Combinatory Models Genādijs Burovs
10 Using Neural Networks Committee Decisions For Image Classification Maksims Alekseičevs, Aleksandrs Glazs
11 Pathology Zone Volume Estimation In 3d Medical Images Katrina Boločko, Aleksandrs Glazs
12 Method for Detection and Estimating the Combination of System Correction Ivars Karpičs, Ieva Markoviča, Zigurds Markovičs
13 Symbolical Combinatory Model for Solving the Problem of Eigenvalues in Tasks of Identification of Dynamic Objects Genādijs Burovs
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