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1 A Comparative Analysis of Alternative Rules of Belief Combination Oļegs Užga-Rebrovs, Gaļina Kuļešova
2 A Comparative Analysis of Classification Methods with Incremental Learning in the E-Mail Filtering Task Sigita Misiņa, Ludmila Aleksejeva
3 Adaptive Control of the Electrical Solar Sail Based on Parametric Identification Aleksandrs Matvejevs, Andrejs Matvejevs, Ģirts Vulfs
4 Ambiguous States Determination in Non-Markovian Environments Jurijs Čižovs, Tatjana Zmanovska, Arkādijs Borisovs
5 Applying ANN Ensembles to Melanoma-Related Diagnostics on Cancer Patients Vilens Jumutcs, Aija Linē, Pāvels Zajakins
6 Blackboard Architecture Programming for Product Life Cycle Stage Definition Darja Plinere
7 Construction Methods of the Decision Trees for Genetic Programming Peteris Grabusts
8 Investigation of Refractoriness Principle in Recurrent Neural Networks Sergejs Jakovļevs
9 Neural Networks in Fingerprint Classification Problem Arita Takahaši
10 Processing the Results of Competence Evolution Evaluation by Decision Trees Ieva Boļakova
11 Robust Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Cyclic Planning and Optimisation Task Tatjana Lagzdiņa, Gaļina Merkurjeva
12 Rule Induction for Forecasting Transition Points in Product Life Cycle Arnis Kiršners, Anatolijs Sukovs
13 Statistical Description of a Distribution of Population Density Over the Latvian Territory Andrejs Kašurins
14 The Development of the Operational IT Risks Governance Concept Ruslans Kļimovs, Alberts Rezniks, Irina Solovjova, Jans Šlihte
15 The Optimization of Use of IT Infrastructure and the Implementation of ITIL Processes in State Institutions Pjotrs Dorogovs, Andrejs Romānovs
16 Time Series Analysis with Modular Neural Networks Sergejs Paršutins, Ludmila Aleksejeva, Arkādijs Borisovs
17 Using the XLMiner Tool for Data Mining in Customer Relationship Management Inese Poļaka, Anatolijs Sukovs
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