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1 Application of IMSL Library and EPANET-MSX Environment for Comparision of Bacteria Growth Simulation Results Tālis Juhna, Andrejs Koliškins, Sergejs Nazarovs, Jānis Rubulis
2 Adaption of Program REMO Used for Modelling Hydrogeological Problems Romans Janbickis, Kaspars Krauklis, Inta Lāce
3 Improvement of Mathematical Teaching Program in Education of Engineers Sarmīte Čerņajeva, Irīna Eglīte
4 Modelling of Groundwater Regime Changes that May Be Caused by Building of Transportation Tunel ir Riga, Latvia Aivars Spalviņš, Jānis Šlangens, Inta Lāce
5 Modelling of Recovery Measures for Waste Depposit "Cosmos" Area of Jelgava Town Aivars Spalviņš, Jānis Šlangens, Inta Lāce, Irīna Eglīte, Viesturs Šķibelis, Antons Mačāns
6 Numerically Stable Symbolical Combinatory Model of Polynomial Approximation for Problems of Identification and Imitation Modelling Genādijs Burovs
7 Optimal Control of Pantograph-Catenary Systems Using MatLab Aleksandrs Matvejevs, Andrejs Matvejevs
8 Study about Possibilities to Model Transport of Manganese in Course of Groundwater Artificial Recharge Y. Salicis, Tālis Juhna, Aivars Spalviņš
9 Symbolical Combinatory Model of Parallel Algorithm of Identification That Uses Method of Least Squares Genādijs Burovs
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