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1 Analysis of a Cavitation for the ESS Target Model Janis Ernests Freibergs, Vladislavs Kremeņeckis
2 Comparison of Methods for Joining Pointwise Geological Data to Interpolation Grids Aivars Spalviņš, Inta Lāce
3 Computer Models, Used for Klaipeda Geothermal Plant Operation Failures Analyse Antanas Algirdas Klimas, Marius Gregorauskas, Algirdas Mališauskas
4 Conditional Linear Periodical Random Process as a Mathematical Model of Photoplethysmographic Signal Mykhailo Fryz, Bogdana Mlynko, Olena Mul, Nataliya Zagorodna
5 Determination of Heat Source Intensity inside a Plate Ilmārs Iltiņš, Marija Iltiņa
6 Double Conductor Line above a Two-Layer Medium with Varying Electric Conductivity and Magnetic Permeability Valentīna Koliškina, Inta Volodko
7 Formation of Groundwater Runoff in Nemunas RBD (Lithuania) Anicetas Stuopis, Marius Gregorauskas, Algirdas Domasevicius
8 Global Changes in Engineering Education in the 21st Century Sarmīte Čerņajeva
9 Incorporation of the Hydrographical Network into the Digital Map of the Ground Relief Jānis Šlangens, Kaspars Krauklis, Irīna Eglīte
10 Joining Pointwise Geological Data to Interpolation Grids if the Data Search Area is a Circle Aivars Spalviņš, Inta Lāce
11 Matching of the ESRI Shapefile Format with the GDI Software Jānis Šlangens, Kaspars Krauklis, Irīna Eglīte, Antons Mačāns, Viesturs Šķibelis
12 Modelling of a Drainage System Collecting Contaminated Groundwater Aivars Spalviņš, Jānis Šlangens, Inta Lāce, Kaspars Krauklis
13 One-step strong-stability-preserving Hermite-Birkhoff-Taylor methods Truong Nguyen-Ba, Huong Nguyen-Thu, Thierry Giordano, Rémi Vaillancourt
14 Practical Inapplicability of Identification Models That Use Gradient Methods for Parameter Adjustment Genādijs Burovs
15 Principles of Creating Parallel Algorithms for Solving Identification Problems Genādijs Burovs
16 Solution of Electric Circuits by a 9-stage Hermite-Birkhoff-Taylor DAE Solver of Order 11 Truong Nguyen-Ba, Hemza Yagoub, Han Hao, Rémi Vaillancourt
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