RTU Research Information System
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# Title Full-text Authors
1 A Computer-aided Production System for Mass Customization in Fashion Jun-Ming Lu, Mao-Jiun J. Wang
2 A Method for Documenting Modifications in ERP Systems Mārtiņš Eberšteins, Jānis Grabis
3 An Extension of BPMN Meta-model for Evaluation of Business Processes Azeem Lodhi
4 Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management: Overview and Trends Ilze Birzniece
5 Competence Orientation in Business Informatics International Master Program Jean-Hugues Chauchat, Iryna Zolotaryova
6 Design of Decision Service Using Cause-and-Effect Business Process Analysis Olga Levina
7 Exploring Risk Factors in ERP Maintenance Projects Cristina Lopez, Jose L. Salmeron
8 ICT Supporting Daily Physical Activity - with Special Reference to Pedometers in the Step-Shape Project Eija Koskivaara, Raija Laukkanen, Olli Heinonen
9 On Implicitly Discovered OLAP Schema-Specific Preferences in Reporting Tool Natalija Kozmina, Darja Solodovnikova
10 On the Intention to Use an Online Learning Platform Feature Olivier Loquineau, Aurelien Caplan, Karine Toumazeau, Christopher Zanetto, Marine Billiot, Frank G. Goethals
11 Scenarios for Evaluating a Semantic Project Management Approach Birgit Dippelreiter, Michael Pottler
12 Self-Organization Paradigm at Critical Time Systems Functioning Valerijs Zagurskis, Dmitrijs Bļizņuks, Romāns Taranovs
13 Symbolical Combinatory Models of Algorithms for Processing Flight Information at the Flight Test Stage of Aerospace Objects Genādijs Burovs
14 Synchronizing Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Business Processes: A Case of a New ERP Development Approach Bjorn Johansson
15 The Presence of the Customer and the Supplier Perspectives in Studies on Software Development Project Success Jarmo J. Ahonen, Paula Savolainen
16 Towards E-Learning Capability Maturity Model Ludmila Peņicina
17 Towards Open Graphical Tool-Building Framework Edgars Rencis, Janis Barzdins, Sergejs Kozlovics
18 Towards Systematic Reflection of Data, Information, and Knowledge Ligita Bušinska, Inese Šūpulniece
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