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# Title Full-text Authors
1 An Application of Direct Filter Approach: New Economic Indicators for Latvia Ginters Bušs
2 Analytical Interpolation 3D Model Construction Based on Uniform Input Data Aleksandrs Sisojevs, Aleksandrs Glazs
3 Remote Web Camera Based Robot Control in Bounded Space Ēriks Kļaviņš, Romāns Taranovs
4 Wireless Sensor Network Setup for Fast Data Acquisition Dmitrijs Bļizņuks, Valerijs Zagurskis
5 Wireless Network Security in Real-Time Applications Aigars Riekstiņš
6 Surface Modeling of a Medical Object Using Triangulation and Marching Cube Algorithm Mihails Kovaļovs, Aleksandrs Glazs
7 Passive Wireless Sensor Network Analyzing at Medium Access Level Gundars Miezītis, Romāns Taranovs
8 Pilot Signal Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Valerijs Zagurskis, Dmitrijs Bļizņuks, Romāns Taranovs
9 Polygonal and Analytical Surfaces in Medical Image Visualization Tasks Katrina Boločko, Aleksandrs Glazs
10 Face Detection in Dynamical Enviroment Krista Valkovska, Aleksandrs Glazs
11 Self-Organizational Paradigm in the Time Critical Systems Valerijs Zagurskis, Dmitrijs Bļizņuks, Romāns Taranovs
12 A Comparison of Hypertensive Therapies’ Estimated Costs by Using Expert Evaluation Methods Ivars Karpičs
13 The Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Model Stationary Distribution as a Solution of the Kolmogorov Equation Oļesja Zamovska
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