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Publikācija: Evaluation of Reed Biomass Use for Manufacturing Products

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Nosaukums oriģinālvalodā Evaluation of Reed Biomass Use for Manufacturing Products, Taking into Account Environmental Protection Requirements
Pētniecības nozare 2. Inženierzinātnes un tehnoloģijas
Pētniecības apakšnozare 2.7. Vides inženierija un enerģētika
Autori Indra Muižniece
Valters Kazulis
Lauma Žihare
Laine Lupkina
Kaspars Ivanovs
Dagnija Blumberga
Atslēgas vārdi reed, multi-criteria analysis, TOPSIS, bioeconomy
Anotācija In many countries reed is considered as invasive or unnecessary plant, because it is spreading rapidly, causing decrease in biodiversity and creating unacceptable living conditions for many bird species in their natural habitats. Due to environmental considerations it is necessary to cut reed, to decrease their over exceeding growth. Reed burning or leaving for decomposition on fields, that has been practiced until now, creates additional carbon dioxide air pollution. Therefore, the question on what to do with cut reed has become vital from environmental protection perspective. In addition, this question applies to bioeconomy principles in compliance with their use in national economy, which makes it clear, that solutions for the use of reed biomass for production have to be found. But any production process can leave a negative effect on surrounding environment. Further to product production, economic motivation, possible market and availability of resources are primarily essential to see whether it is worth to produce the product at all. Therefore, reed biomass use possibilities in production have to be analysed as a complex question, taking into account environmental and climate, economic and technological aspects. In this study, solutions to perspective reed biomass use are evaluated, considering environmental protection requirements. For this task, multi-criteria analysis method TOPSIS is used, which includes 11 environmental and climate, economic and technological criteria. Evaluation includes both already existing and new products that are divided in 3 sectors: power industry, construction and other products. Results of the research clearly state, which of reed biomass made products are perspective, taking into account not only traditional economic and technological aspects, but also environmental and climate aspects.
DOI: 10.15159/ar.18.077
Hipersaite: http://dspace.emu.ee/xmlui/handle/10492/3897 
Atsauce Muižniece, I., Kazulis, V., Žihare, L., Lupkina, L., Ivanovs, K., Blumberga, D. Evaluation of Reed Biomass Use for Manufacturing Products, Taking into Account Environmental Protection Requirements. Agronomy Research, 2018, Vol. 6, Special Iss.1, 1124.-1132.lpp. ISSN 1406-894X. Pieejams: doi:10.15159/ar.18.077
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