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Publikācija: Analysis and Improvement of Work Methods on the Clothing Production Company

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Publikācijas valoda English (en)
Nosaukums oriģinālvalodā Analysis and Improvement of Work Methods on the Clothing Production Company
Pētniecības nozare 2. Inženierzinātnes un tehnoloģijas
Pētniecības apakšnozare 2.5. Materiālzinātne
Autori Dana Beļakova
Silvija Kukle
Guntis Strazds
Atslēgas vārdi efficiency, productivity, analyzing methods
Anotācija By integrating into the European Union the volume of organizing changes in Latvia has increased and the result is often painful. In the future when a process is activated organizations will be forced to improve the quality of production and service more and more, to set new potentialities for development and to raise the productivity as a mean to improve company’s competitiveness. On the clothing industry it is not possible to automation most of the processes. Considering the high proportion of handwork one of the factors that influences the efficiency directly is the work methods. Performing an analysis of the work process and therewith the work methods, improving the content of operations, the overall activity and efficiency of the company is improving. An analysis of the experience of Latvian companies performed within the research shows that in the conditions of rapidly changing models there is often too little time for planning. It causes a certainty that there is no need to change anything in the usual processes. The article reflects the results of the analysis by identifying factors that delay the penetrability of a sewing line and it offers methods how to promote efficiency by using work analyzing methods as a tool for designing work places and labor division as well as for structure improvements
Atsauce Beļakova, D., Kukle, S., Strazds, G. Analysis and Improvement of Work Methods on the Clothing Production Company. No: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on the Management of Technological Changes, Grieķija, Alexandroupolis, 25.-26. augusts, 2007. Alexandroupolis: Technical University of Trece, 2007, 11.-16.lpp.
ID 4701