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Publikācija: AL-W-B Powder Composite Materials

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Nosaukums oriģinālvalodā AL-W-B Powder Composite Materials
Pētniecības nozare 2. Inženierzinātnes un tehnoloģijas
Pētniecības apakšnozare 2.3. Mašīnbūve un mehānika
Autori Viktors Mironovs
Irīna Boiko
Faina Muktepāvela
Atslēgas vārdi boron-tungsten fiber, crushing, compaction
Anotācija Powder materials containing an aluminum matrix and W-B fibers are investigated. For manufacturing of Al-W-B powder composite materials the technological wastes of boron-aluminum, containing 25…40% boron-tungsten fibers, are used [1,2]. The macro and microstructure of the powder material with the average size of particles 0.1…2.0 mm that is made by crushing of the basic product in the disintegrator was investigated. Crushing was carried out in several operations until obtaining the fibrous powder of the intended size. Powder contains the aluminum matrix in which the extended needle-shaped and crystal-like boron-tungsten fibers are evenly distributed. Here the content of boron by the volume is from 18 to 47 % and tungsten up to 1.5 %. Due to high hardness of material the crushing of hot pressed composite takes the sufficient energy input. The axial fracture of fibre and strain hardening of the aluminium matrix are occurred. Depending on the degree of crushing the particle size is from 0.2 to 1.5 mm. It is concluded that a new material we could characterize as a fibrous powder. The apparent density of a powder is 0.6…1.5 g/cm3 and micro hardness of particles of a firm phase is 2…70 GPa [3]. After sintering the density of samples were 2.1…2.3 g/cm3 and compression strength were 70…90 MPa. After testing the character of destruction of the samples was defined as quasi-fragile. The main directions of application of investigated material are offered. There are using as grinding elements for the polishing tool, as ligature in metallurgy and ceramic manufacture and application as constructional products in building and mechanical engineering.
Atsauce Mironovs, V., Boiko, I., Muktepāvela, F. AL-W-B Powder Composite Materials. No: Transactions of the VSB: Technical University of Ostrava: Metallurgical Series, Čehija, Ostravice - Beskydy, 24.-27. augusts, 2009. Ostravice - Beskydy: Technical University of Ostrava, 2009, 157.-162.lpp.
ID 6909