RTU Research Information System
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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Determination of Allowable Loads for High Voltage Cables. Necessary Changes in Guidelines Sergejs Žižins-Mališevs, Jānis Rozenkrons
2 Pricing Questions in the Electric Power Markets Anatolijs Mahņitko, Jānis Gerhards, Sergejs Ribakovs, Inga Iļjina
3 Expediency of Carrying out of Oil Regeneration for Prolongation of Service Life of Power Transformer Svetlana Guseva, Nikolajs Breners, Nataļja Skobeļeva
4 The Causes of the Changes of Soil Resistivity and the Substantiation of Prospective Experiments Arvīds Kanbergs, Marina Kižlo
5 Selection of Schemes of Switchgears for New 110 kV Substations Armands Staltmanis, Aleksandrs Ļvovs
6 About Delivery Network and Generation Power Development of Region Kurzeme in Latvia Aleksandrs Gavrilovs, Anatolijs Mahņitko
7 Modeling of Service Zones of Urban Transformer Substations Svetlana Guseva, Nataļja Skobeļeva, Nikolajs Breners, Oļegs Borščevskis
8 Investigation of the Operation Speed of AC Voltage Sensor Vladimirs Cīmanis, Vladimirs Hramcovs, Ivars Raņķis
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