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# Title Full-text Authors
1 A Method for Computer Aided Communication Technology Comparison Dmitry Mikoyelov
2 An Approach for Polynomial Regression Modelling Using Construction of Basis Functions Gints Jēkabsons, Jurijs Lavendels
3 An Open Work on Research Method in the Field of Systems Engineering: the Bachelor Level Mārīte Kirikova, Oksana Ņikiforova, Renāte Strazdiņa
4 Analysis of Multifractal System Properties in Object-Oriented Software Development Ērika Nazaruka, Jānis Osis
5 Application of a Service Oriented Paradigm as a Solution for the Development and Delivery of a Continuing Education Course Dzintars Tomsons, Ginta Majore, Mārīte Kirikova
6 Application of Mapping Methods for Solving Navigation Tasks of Autonomous Intelligent System Laura Sudraba, Agris Ņikitenko
7 Automated Test State Management Framework Aleksandrs Suhorukovs, Larisa Zaiceva
8 Complexity Measure within a Context of Structural Modeling Larisa Survilo
9 Development and Implementation of Partial Hybrid Algorithm for Graphs Visualization Vitālijs Zabiņako, Pāvels Rusakovs
10 Foresight Process Modelling Dace Apšvalka, Dace Doniņa, Mārīte Kirikova
11 Knowledge Management and Foresight Elements for Small and Medium Enterprises Anna Pozdņakova
12 On the Structure Mirroring Approach: Foresight Module in the Knowledge Management Systems of SMES Ligita Bušinska, Jūlija Stecjuka, Mārīte Kirikova
13 OWL Ontology Transformation into Concept Map Vita Šakele
14 Polynomials in Metamodeling of Glass Fibre Bar Stability Gints Jēkabsons, Kaspars Kalniņš, Edgars Eglītis
15 Support of a Use-Case Controller Pattern by TFM4MDA Ērika Nazaruka
16 Transformations between UML and First Order Logic Jānis Birģelis
17 Various Aspects of RFID Technology and Their Use in Monitoring and Management of Traffic Vadims Žuravļovs, Eleonora Latiševa
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