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1 A Comparative Analysis of Short Time Series Processing Methods Arnis Kiršners, Arkādijs Borisovs
2 A Method for the Effective Configuration of Reuse-Oriented Software Release and Its Application in the Field of Insurance Artūrs Bartusevičs, Vladimirs Kotovs, Leonīds Novickis
3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Professional and Free Software for Teaching Statistics Liga Paura, Irina Arhipova
4 Approaches to the Construction of Behavioural Patterns of Information System Users Pāvels Osipovs, Arkādijs Borisovs
5 Approaches to the Creation of Behavioural Patterns of Information System Users Pāvels Osipovs, Arkādijs Borisovs
6 Assessing the Need of Information Technology Control Environment Establishment Ruta Pirta, Renāte Strazdiņa
7 Cloud Computing Evaluation Based on Financial Metrics Maksims Korņevs, Vineta Minkēviča
8 Motion Planning of an Autonomous Robot in Closed Space with Obstacles Edvards Valbahs, Peter Grabusts
9 Nano-Accelerometers for Acceleration Measurement of Objects Moving in the Rarefied Gaseous Environments Aleksandrs Matvejevs, Andrejs Matvejevs
10 Ontology Building Using Data Mining Techniques Henrihs Gorskis, Jurijs Čižovs
11 Optimization of the Fuzzy Investment Portfolio under Conditions of Uncertainty Yuri Zaychenko, Inna Sydoruk
12 Project Phase Dependent Configuration of Project Management Information Systems Solvita Bērziša, Jānis Grabis
13 Receivables Management: Optimization of Problematic Business Process of the Telecommunications Company Mikhail Sverdan, Olga Korzachenko
14 Simulation-Based Analysis of the Goldmine System Operation Liene Andersone, Anna Bogusevica, Aleksandra Petrakova, Jūlija Petuhova
15 Some Approaches to Combining Probabilistic and Fuzzy Uncertainties Oleg Uzhga-Rebrov, Gaļina Kuļešova
16 The Analysis and Modelling of Social Networks: Leader Identification and Information Dissemination Aleksejs Čumiks, Andrejs Romānovs
17 The Analysis of Efficiency Dependence of the Shortest Path Finding Algorithms A* and HPA* on the Grid Size Imants Zarembo, Oleg Uzhga-Rebrov
18 The Analysis of Noise Level of RGB Image Generated Using SOM Sergejs Kodors, Peter Grabusts
19 The Analysis of Rating Data of the Latvian Higher Education Institutions Using Clustering Peteris Grabusts
20 The Development of an Integrated Geosimulation Environment for Public Transit Analysis and Planning Arnis Lektauers, Jūlija Petuhova, Artis Teilāns, Arnis Kleins
21 The e-Government Readiness in Latvia: Past and Present Daiga Dumpe, Irina Arhipova
22 The Evaluation of Capabilities of Intellectual Intrusion Detection Systems for the Use in Web-Based Information Systems Pjotrs Dorogovs, Andrejs Romānovs
23 The Evaluation of Financial Assets with Autocorrelations in Returns Aigars Egle, Andrejs Matvejevs, Jegors Fjodorovs
24 The Extraction of Elliptical Rules from the Trained Radial Basis Function Neural Network Andrejs Bondarenko, Arkādijs Borisovs
25 The Impact of Cluster Stability on Class Decomposition in Antibody Display Data Inese Poļaka, Arkādijs Borisovs
26 The Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems: Methodology and Practice. An Overview Jurijs Merkurjevs
27 The Optimization of COCOMO Model Coefficients Using Genetic Algorithms Anna Gaļiņina, Olga Burceva, Sergejs Paršutins
28 The Use of BEXA Family Algorithms in Bioinformatics Data Classification Madara Gasparoviča-Asīte, Ludmila Aleksejeva, Valdis Gersons
29 The Use of Intrusion Detection Systems Based on the Network Behaviour Analysis in SCADA Networks Aljona Skorobogatjko, Pjotrs Dorogovs, Andrejs Romānovs
30 Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima Approach for World Stock Index Multifractal Analysis Andrejs Pučkovs, Andrejs Matvejevs
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