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1 A Comparison of Subset Selection and Adaptive Basis Function Construction for Polynomial Regression Model Building Gints Jēkabsons, Jurijs Lavendels
2 An Approach to Classification of MDA Tools Antons Čerņičkins, Oksana Ņikiforova
3 ASP.NET AJAX Arhitektūras analīze Andrejs Lesovskis
4 Definition of General Requirements for Graph Visualization Software Vitālijs Zabiņako, Pāvels Rusakovs
5 Design of Multi-Agent Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems Egons Lavendelis, Jānis Grundspeņķis
6 Discussion of Obtaining of Elements of UML Class Diagram from Initial Information about Problem Domain Nataļja Pavlova, Oksana Ņikiforova
7 Evolution of the Concept Map Based Adaptive Knowledge Assessment System: Implementation and Evaluation Results Jānis Grundspeņķis, Alla Anohina-Naumeca
8 Forty Years of Software Reuse Vladimirs Kotovs
9 Implementation of Inductive Learning Method for Pattern Recognition Ilze Birzniece
10 Information Security Governanceas as Key Performance Indicator for Financial Institutions Dmitrijs Krjukovs, Raimonds Strauss
11 Knowledge Assessment Systems: an Overview Romans Lukašenko, Alla Anohina-Naumeca
12 Kutter Steganographical Method's Improvement and Concept of Universal Stegoconstructor Andrejs Jeršovs, Pāvels Rusakovs
13 Method for Identifying Requirements for Change in Information Systems Based on Change in Business Processes Jānis Makņa
14 The Implementation of a Metric Map Merging Approach Ilze Andersone
15 Problems of Test-Driven Aspect-Oriented Development Aleksandrs Suhorukovs
16 Reconciling Software Requirements and Architectures within MDA Uldis Doniņš, Jānis Osis
17 Requirements Analysis of Multi-Agent Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems Egons Lavendelis, Jānis Grundspeņķis
18 Several Outlines on Model-Driven Approach for Testing of Embedded Systems Jurijs Grigorjevs, Oksana Ņikiforova
19 Usage of Graph Patterns for Knowledge Assessment Based on Concept Maps Jānis Grundspeņķis, Maija Strautmane
20 Use of Business Models within Model Driven Architecture Ērika Nazaruka
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